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Build intelligent conversational assistants

Your Audience

Instantly engage your audience on messaging apps or on your site 24/7.

Easily build smart and personalized chatbots.

Globally engage your audience with our multilingual and multiplatform tools.

Collect and analyze

Capture key information and personalize conversations.

Analyze and optimize conversation streams in real time with our Analytics tools.

Export the collected information to your own CRM or e-mailing tools.

your sales

Guide your prospects in a personalized buying process.

Automatically adapt the conversation according to the collected information.

Re-engage your customers and prospects with segmented notifications.

Your customers have evolved.

...Isn't it time you did, too?

Chatbots reach people on the channels they prefer, enabling
personalized, two-way communication at scale.

You'll be in good company

Exclusive Marketing Features

Professional Services

Smartech offers full of services to meet your business needs, from Artificial Intelligence solutions to Fully Machine learning, Deep learning, IoT solutions, to everything in between.

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