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Chatbots are computer programs, more like virtual companions, that communicate with us through text messages, using artificial intelligence. Chatbots are integrated with websites or messaging apps to help businesses automate their regular tasks.

Smartech is a platform which deploys chatbots to help startups and businesses engage more users. The best part is, you can deploy and manage the chatbots without any coding knowledge. The process is very simple and you can deploy a chatbot on your website within an hour!

Absolutely! No matter what your business or industry type, Smartech has a chatbot for you. What’s more? You can use Smartech for your customers and also within your team for better communication!

Not just Facebook page, you can integrate Smartech with many other channels that you and your teammates use (Slack, Skype, etc.)

Yes, please send us a request by clicking here: demo

Smartech will make your business:

  • Accessible 24*7
  • Answer enquiries real – time
  • Level up on customer engagement
  • Talk to customers in their language

Yes, no coding knowledge is needed to handle the bot. You can simply edit the conversation on a spreadsheet and your chatbot is good to go!

You can monitor the conversations live, as the exchange of information between your customer and your chatbot is reflected directly in the database, real time.

The human handover feature of Smartech takes care of this situation. When the chatbot is not able to address the query, it notifies the agent and makes way for him/her to take over the conversation. Read more here

Here’s the good news! Smartech is multilingual, unlike us. This personalizes the experience for your customers, and at the same time allows your business to scale up to new markets.

No, chatbots won’t replace your staff. In fact, chatbots are here not to replace, but to assist your team! Chatbots assist your agents to take up more important tasks by automating the routine tasks. Thus, chatbots help you increase productivity and performance of your overall team.

Smartech is hosted on cloud, on Amazon Web Services.

Using Smartech, you can have unlimited number of conversations with your customers. There is no cap on the number of messages exchanged, under any pricing category.

Using Smartech Analytics, you get access to top countries interacting with your chatbot and also other important KPIs to measure your chatbot’s performance.

Yes, Smartech supports both on-premise and cloud deployment.

Smartech automates your repetitive tasks enabling your team to concentrate on more important tasks. It also interacts with prospective clients collecting the details they provide, so that you directly contact the qualified leads, saving you a lot of time.

The details collected by your chatbot will be reflected in a spreadsheet, real time.

Yes, you can easily modify the conversation by making changes in the spreadsheet.

The uptime of Smartech’s service is 99.95%. Smartech is hosted on cloud on Amazon Web Services, so Smartech’s operation time is the same as AWS.

Yes, our services can be integrated with both Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

It depends on your requirements and the type of chatbot your business needs. But if you have the conversation in place, it takes as less as an hour to deploy the chatbot!

You can deploy chatbot for all these following functions and more:

  • HR operations
  • Customer Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Help Desk
  • Internal Team Co-ordination

Chatbots can be deployed across all verticals like Real Estate, Healthcare, Banking, Hospitality, Restaurant Booking, Product Recommendation, Fitness, Hotel Booking, Insurance, and more.

Deploying a chatbot usually takes a lot of time. But, we at Smartech have set templates using which you can deploy a chatbot according to your needs in less than an hour. (We also customize the chatbot and its analytics to suit your business needs.)

Yes, Smartech works on any device with an internet connection!

Smartech will help you save money and increase ROI by:

  • Automating your routine tasks
  • Increasing customer engagement
  • Reducing operational costs and labour expenses
  • Providing value in customer satisfaction

With the terms being used invariably, it is obvious to wonder the difference between the two.

Key PointsChatbotLive Chat
Basic DifferenceChatbots is an automated software which is programmed to address queries about your business.Live chat has an actual person behind the keyboard answering the questions.
Human InvolvementChatbots need human involvement only when necessary.Live chat only involves human to human conversation.
Time ConstraintsChatbot can work 24*7! Or any specific time of the day that you want.Since live chat is run by humans, it can only function as long as a human can, and will require coffee breaks too…
Multi-lingualChatbots can speak to your customers in their language! Chatbots are multilingual.Live chat is not multi-lingual.
Cost-EffectiveChatbots are more cost effective, as they automate customer services, thus freeing up agents for more challenging work.Live Chat is more expensive, and requires you to train people to communicate aptly with customers.