Conversational Analytics to continually improve the customer journey.
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Measure Bot

Understand how your bot is engaging with customers and continuously optimize using chatbot analytics. A/B split test different conversation flows to assess and compare different user behaviors while improving the customer experience.

Track Goals

Get a bird’s eye view on how many conversations converted into sign-ups, demo requests, resolved tickets, leads and more. Know how deep into the conversation your visitors are with the bot. Improve customer experience by analyzing the behavior of your target audience with the bot.

Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to reach. Smartech Analytics makes it easy for you to understand bot interactionseven better by providing you information like average conversation session, top goals, top intents, top countries and so much more!

Fill in the Gaps


Total Conversations



Goal Completion Rate


2m 30s

Average Chat Duration



Average Messages Per Visitor


Boost your Sales

Without measuring your chatbot’s performance, you are just taking a shot in the dark!
With Smartech Analytics, you can base your sales & marketing strategies on hard facts, rather than on pure guesses.

Cut down on Costs

Save those €€€ by tracking which changes and tweaks in your bots conversation and funnel brought about a better response, and which ones fall flat on the face through a series of A/B tests.

Actionable Intel

What’s more important than getting information? It’s getting actionable information! You don’t need meaningless data creeping up your dashboard every now and then. Smartech Analytics has a robust interface that provides you meaningful, precise and accurate information that can be acted upon.

Conversation Funnel Depth

Know how deep into the conversation your visitors are with the bot.

Drop-off points

Enhance your bot’s performance by knowing at which point are people dropping off during the conversation.

Confusion Triggers

Learn more about customer needs and train your chatbot better by identifying misinterpreted messages/intents.