Who is Smartech?

We develop fundamental AI technology

Smartech is an artificial intelligence software provider that specializes in conversational interfaces to solve specific, high impact problems in the enterprise. Smartech is building fundamental AI technology across a broad area of neural networks, speech synthesis and deep learning to make conversational computing for the enterprise a reality.

The experience

Second generation conversational AI

The first generation of conversational interfaces converted natural language to commands (“Play Taylor Swift”). To truly deliver the promise of conversational AI, fundamentally new technology has to be built to perform multi-turn conversations and execute judgment intensive tasks just like humans.
Smartech delivers a second generation conversational AI experience that executes rich multi-turn conversations capable of handling queries in customer service, generating quotes in insurance, or answering claims inquiries in healthcare.

The technology

Conversational AI platform

Smartech AI scientists and engineers built a new platform that includes speech synthesis, speech recognition, multi-faceted machine learning and natural language understanding along with data categorization, semantic search.

Smartech’s tightly integrated platform uniquely combines tooling, data, and enterprise connectors to ensure designers, data scientists, and developers can design and deploy complex conversational interfaces in weeks.

The Enterprise Connect

Artificial intelligence with enterprise knowledge

While designing the Smartech platform, our team recognized three major enterprise constants that needed to be accounted for:

  • The majority of needed data remains in legacy enterprise systems.
  • Myriad set of regulatory, compliance, and security requirements.
  • Investment in existing systems of engagement.

With that in mind Smartech tackled each problem separately:

  • We offer connectors to enterprise systems
  • We deliver on security and compliance including encryption of data, PCI, FINRA, HIPAA
  • Smartech can be deployed on existing channels including the web, mobile, SMS Facebook, Alexa, Google assistant or even your existing phone number